Ambrose Landscapes specializes in attractive outdoor STONEWORK. We build patios, woodland paths, driveway walls, water sluices, decorative edging, firepits, fireplaces, chimneys, walkways, sidewalks, steps, rain gardens & dry streams.


North Carolina subsidizes 2/3's of the cost of Stream Repair! It's CHEAPER & EASIER to take care of erosion BEFORE it happens!! Streambank erosion can take away your property and threaten the stability of your house.

"Stream Dr."- Steve Ambrose is a Certified Graduate of NCSU's Stream Restoration Training Course.


Steve is a graduate of Columbia University, class of 1987. Steve started out in Real Estate, as Vice President of commercial real estate, leasing agent, and broker for a New York City firm. He later owned his own real estate brokerage and management firm. In 1993 he purchased 58 acres of raw, undeveloped land in a private, gated golf course community in Flat Rock, NC.  Steve has numerous certifications and awards for his landscaping expertise. He has been in the news, on many occasions. Ambrose Landscapes has a long list of satisfied clients, and we'd like you to be one too! He has even created an AWARD WINNING All Natural Hot Sauce! His blog is filled with great landscape information - You can check out his blog here. Most importantly, Steve contributes to his community - click here to see his amazing transformation of a local elementary school! 


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About Steve Ambrose

Mr. and Mrs. Sinclair

“Hi Steve, ... D. and I absolutely love what you did with the side of our house. We couldn't have imagined anything like that. Not only the fantastic transformation, but it's creative, it's functional and it's something I never would have thought of. We love it. ... Great job and I certainly hope you get some referrals out of it.”

“Steve, I came home from work (in the daylight) and was amazed at how beautiful the lawn looks. I am so excited! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and making the lawn the prettiest that I've ever seen it before.”

Mr. and Mrs. Cauable


“Steve, You are my hero! Through all the rain this past week, not one single bit of runoff or erosion. It [the dry stream] worked like a charm. ...I absolutely continue to be amazed by the ingenuity of it all. Thanks so much...”

Lisa King

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Ambrose Landscapes provides Asheville, NC and the surrounding areas with responsive, high-quality landscaping service. We complete projects on time and within budget. We specialize in Water Erosion/Water Capture, Stream Repair, and Stonework. 

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 (828) 551-8619

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AMBROSE LANDSCAPES: Asheville's storm water run-off specialists & water-wise landscaping contractor. 

Water-wise landscaping can capture and absord most storm water runoff, keeping water and soil on your property - And it's the most effective water to prevent erosion!

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